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Design Your Event And Create Memorable Impact...

Start with the ideas and let Upbeat DJ LLC work the magic to make just the right impression!

  • Get going with a consultation! Call or email us to set up an appointment. This is 'step one' in discovering the big difference between other DJs and planners and Upbeat DJ LLC's unmatched, honest and friendly apporach in treating your special event like it was our own; after all, our contract with you means our investment in success equals your own desire for a great event experience.
  • Give your event a head start plan. Jot down your ideas, identifying the type of event, possible venues, potential number of people attending and the 'feel' of the evening: casual, formal, business.
  • What about costs? The best method of determining expenses can be reached by allowing your Upbeat DJ LLC consultant to know the scope of your event and your financial allowances; we will help you break out the typical charges for what you want vs. what you need and create an event plan that gives you both cost control and desired result.
  • What makes Upbeat DJ LLC stand out as an industry leader? Take a moment to investigate our site, especially Information About Us, Our Services and Testimonials and Links. More and more positive statements will appear here regularly regarding our happy customers, many of whom refer to us again and again for whatever they require to make great events a reality.

Ever felt like you wasted money by hiring the wrong DJ?




Upbeat DJ LLC has the resources, the professional broadcast talent, the planning, the vendors and the flexibility to create the right atmosphere and make your event 'simply sensational'!